New pool safety regulations went into effect in Queensland on 1 December 2010. A few of the key changes include:

  • You have five years to make a new or existing pool compliant with the new regulations. However, if you are going to sell or lease your property before that time, it must be made compliant earlier.
  • You will need a pool safety certificate whenever you buy, sell or lease a property that has a pool. The certificate will be valid for two years for non-shared pools; it will be valid for one year for shared pools.
  • Safety barriers must be erected for all spas and portable pools that are deeper than 300 millimetres.

Queensland’s new pool safety regulations apply to virtually anyone who owns a property with a pool. Whether a pool is associated with a caravan park, a house, a unit, a motel, a hostel, a hotel or any other type of short-term accommodation, compliance with the new regulations is mandatory.

In order to ensure that all pools meet Queensland’s stringent safety standards, an official pool safety register has been created. Every pool in Queensland must be listed within this register. As a part of maintaining compliancy, then, you will need to ensure that your pool appears in the register.


How the New Pool Safety Regulations Affect You

In order to understand how Queensland’s new pool safety standards will affect you, you need to realise that they apply to different situations in different ways. Real estate agents, body corporate, homeowners and accommodations operators will all be impacted in unique ways.