Safety First

Pool safety has become a real talking point in Australia over the last few years and this has lead to the introduction of the new pool safety laws. Making your pool safe as defined in the new regulations is not difficult, but it can be a little time-consuming to wade through the regulations.

An inspector has to come out to check that a pool does, in fact, comply with the new regulations before issuing a pool compliancy certificate.

Speeding Things Along

In order to make things go a lot more smoothly, it is a good idea to try to make sure that your pool is compliant before the inspector comes around – if it isn’t, they will have to report on what still needs to be done and then reschedule another visit, so getting it right the first time will save you time.

Defence Pool Safe has a pre-inspection checklist that you can download free of charge from their website to help you get ready for your inspection. Because they are committed to reliable pool inspections and making everyone’s pool as safe as possible, they want this process to be painful for you.

Do the Pre-Check

The pre-check will take you step by step through what is required by law in layman’s terms that are easy to understand. Once you are satisfied that your pool meets the standards, phone Defence Pool Safe and make an appointment for an inspector to come out to meet you.

Why Bother?

You need to get this done because it is now a legal requirement but, more importantly, because you need to do your utmost to protect your family. The drop in drowning deaths of small children since the law has been put in place is evidence of its efficacy.

Making your pool area safe is just good common sense. Even if you don’t have small children of your own, there is no telling who is going to visit you or use your pool in future. For the safety of your family and friends, you need to get this done.

It Adds Value

Knowing that your pool area is safer will give you peace of mind and this, in itself, is of immeasurable value to you.

On a more mercenary note, however, is the fact that a compliant pool increases the value of your home. Should you be looking to sell in the near future, you will need a compliant pool.

You are able to sell your house if the pool is not compliant but the potential buyers can use this as a point to justify a lower offer – it is simply less expensive in the long run to have the work done yourself than to leave it in the hands of someone else.

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