Recognising and Preventing Drowning in Outdoor Pools

If you have an outdoor pool in your backyard, apartment complex or hotel business, then you must be dealing with issues such as drowning. Chances of drowning can be very high in outdoor pools. You will need to take the needed skills to recognise and handle drowning situations. At the same time, it is also your responsibility to make sure that possibilities of drowning are very minimal.

Know What Drowning Looks Like

As a pool owner, you should be aware of what drowning actually looks like. We tend to be influenced by what we see in movies and on TV, which tell that a drowning person will be throwing up their hands and frantically wave for others to rescue them. The truth is so much far from this depiction.

In reality, a drowning person will not have the energy or the sense to wave. The drowning person will in fact quietly sink. In movies and TV, the drowning person is typically depicted struggling to stay afloat and calling for help. In reality, that person will not know how to get their mouth above water, draw air in and call for help.

There will be cases where the person will be frantically waving and calling out for help. In cases where there are more than one person drowning, the priority is always the one who is not able to call out for help. That person would have just around 60 seconds after struggling, and then they sink.

If children are swimming in your backyard, they will typically be playful and make lots of noise. Be watchful if they suddenly become silent and check what is going on.

Make Your Pool Safer

You can effectively prevent drowning in your swimming pool. At Defence PoolSafe, we can provide you with the assistance you need to get a required pool safety certificate. We will help you all throughout the process of getting that certification. Obtaining certification means that your pool is deemed safer by the authorities. Standards set for a compliance certificate are stringent enough to ensure that the facility is safe for use, especially by children.

Defence PoolSafe will help you with the inspection process. We will get your pool ready for inspection and give you a checklist of the things that you need to do to prepare for inspection. We will also handle the registration process as well as the inspection, particularly checking fences and gates to ensure that they meet the required standards.

Should you fail the compliance evaluation, we will issue a non-compliance certificate, along with a report on issues found. We will then work with you to complete the compliance process.