Practical Swimming Safety

In South East Queensland, we are blessed with wonderful long summers that can get more than a little warm. It is not uncommon for us Queenslanders to seek comfort from the heat in a swimming pool whether it be at home or in public.

The problem all parents and carers face is how to control and provide maximum safety for children whilst they are enjoying a refreshing dip.

Often, children will drown whilst adults and other children are present. It takes a matter of minutes for a child to become unconscious if they go underwater. This is why it is an absolute must to always appoint an adult to physically watch any children swimming, preferably one who has CPR experience. Even a child who is believed to be a competent swimmer should not be left unattended.

A common myth or misconception is that if a child is fitted with floaties on their arms they are safe. This is not so. A toddler can still overbalance if left unattended and fall backwards, allowing their heads to go underwater.

Any flotation device should be used in combination with adult supervision. Floating swim rings, for example, are toys and tools to be used, and not as protective devices against accidents.

Once the fun is over clear any toys or floating devices out of the pool. This will prevent a small child from being attracted back to them.

The number one thing you can do to help your children is to enrol them in swimming lessons as early as possible.

What the Law Says You Need to Do

With reliable pool safety inspections, we can offer advice on things that you may not initially see as a risk.

It makes sense to ensure that your pool is secured against anybody entering an unattended pool area. You do this by installing suitable fencing that is unable to be climbed. This should be coupled with a self-latching gate that opens outwards, not inwards.

PoolSafe offer a full assessment to assist you in maintaining a healthy safety attitude and environment and get you on the road to complying with new government regulations.

You may not realise that the garden near the fence has a feature rock or statue in it that a child may be able to use to get over a fence. Even a tree can be a suitable hoist for an imaginative and agile youngster. Retaining walls, balconies and windows are also possible access routes.

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