Portable Swimming Devices Need to be Compliant Too

It is amazing that in this current day and age, which involves high levels of media bombardment, whether that be via the television or even Facebook, advising us of the dangers of leaving small children unattended near swimming pools goes unheeded.

Devastating figures show that, on average, five toddlers are drowning in backyard pools every year in Queensland.

It is true that it only takes a split second for a child to slip unnoticed into any body of water and drown. Even a deep dish containing water for the dog can be a threat to a beginner toddler.

It’s another hot summer in South East Queensland. The weather man has announced 2013 is going to be hotter and even drier than past years. Christmas is coming and the sale of portable swimming pools and spas is recording an all-time high.

This is where the most danger can occur. Many people are unaware of the dangers of the portable swimming device. Yes, it’s cool and refreshing but many are not aware that to a toddler or young child it is a veritable playground and so easily accessible. After all, they happily played in it yesterday with mum and dad with no problem whatsoever!

Why is it so accessible? Perhaps this is because it has not been fenced in. New laws instigated to prevent such a tragic and traumatic event as drowning have been put in place to ensure maximum safety.

This means that ALL pools and spas that can be filled to 300 millimetres or deeper, holds 2,000 litres, or has a filter MUST be fenced.

Keeping it Safe for the Whole Family

Before you set up or even buy your brand new portable pool, call in the professionals to advise you on important pool compliance in Brisbane.

In our mission statement, we pledge that we are committed to making every pool in Queensland compliant with the regulations, so expect our inspections to be tough but thorough when examining your surrounding fence. Lives are on the line and we are committed to preventing water-related horrors.

To achieve a Compliance Certificate the fence and gates are assessed to ensure the correct safety standards are adhered to. Should it be found to fail these standards, a non-compliance certificate is issued within 48 hours outlining what needs to be rectified.

You then have three months to bring the fence or gates up to the appropriate standard level.