Pool Safety Inspections are a Must

It is time to dust of those pool covers, clean up the pool and get ready for a fun filled summer full of barbecues, drinks by the pool and socializing with families and friends. With the new pool safety laws that have been brought in, it is also time to get the pool fencing and surrounding area checked to make sure that it all complies with the new laws. Getting a pool safety inspector out is a wise investment, they can let you know what needs to be done if your pool area is not in compliance and can even offer helpful advice on who is the best to fix any problems.

By 2015, every home with a pool must be in compliance with the new pool laws or face large fines. The government has brought these laws in to protect our children from harm. The highest rate of drowning accidents involves children, so the government has decided to toughen up the pool safety laws in a bid to lower these accidents. Hiring a pool inspections professional in Brisbane is a good move and they will be able to tell you whether or not your pool is in compliance with the new rules and what needs to be done if your pool is not in compliance.

The safety of children is an issue that has often been in discussion. Tightening the pool safety laws is a positive step towards ensuring the safety of children and lowering the risk of a drowning accident.

Owning a home with a pool is a huge responsibility. Not only are there inspections to be done on the pool, but on your home as well. Checking to make sure there is no structural damage and that your home is free of termites is also an important step towards safety. Termites can do large amount of damage in a short space of time, so its important to get this checked. Hiring one inspector to do building, pest and pool inspections will save time and money.

With the new pool regulations Queensland coming in to play and pool owners having to be in compliance by 2015, its important to have your pool inspected as soon as possible. If your pool is not up to code, then you will need to have it fixed up by then and this takes money to do. You only have four years to get your pool up to the new pool safety standards so it is important to get the ball rolling now.

Our children’s safety is important. Don’t leave getting your pool inspected until it is too late. Jump on the band wagon and have it done today.