Toys in Pool Areas: One of the Many Pool Hazards That Affect Our Children

Pool safety is a hot issue all across Australia, especially now as the warm summer months are upon us. There are several pool safety regulations that parents are constantly instructed to follow both when they own a pool or are merely at a community one. While most parents take the safety of their children very seriously, it only takes a second to have your back turned and an accident can happen.

One of the most overlooked pool safety measures that is not followed is keeping toys in pool areas. Inevitably pool toys are always going to lure children to the areas where they are, so leaving them by a pool can lead to your little one finding his way into the pool area even when you think it is secured. It can even be worse to leave your pool toys actually in the pool, reaching over for a toy or jumping in to get a toy is too appealing for a child, especially one that cannot swim and one who is alone, only for a second.

Another lurking threat for our children near pools is potential climbing areas that surround the gates of your swimming pool. Children are smart and when they see a toy that they want in the pool area they are more likely to find something to climb on in order to get over the gate. Make sure that if you have outdoor chairs they are secured or put away somewhere that children cannot have access to them.

One important way to be certain that you are well aware of the risks that your pool can pose to your child is through the required pool inspections that occur in Australia. Your inspector will come and inform you of all the potential risks that are possible around your pool, and he can offer you information on additional resources to help learn more about pool safety, like CPR courses. These inspections require your pool to meet all safety requirements, and are a great way to help you ensure that your pool is in ideal condition for your children’s safety.

Your child’s safety is no doubt important to you, so taking the appropriate pool safety measures into consideration is always important. Pool toys should never be housed in the pool area, learn CPR, keep all climbing chairs away from the pool and always keep an eye out for your children. All it takes is a split second for a disaster to strike.