Pool Safety in the Home

If you live in NSW and have a pool in your backyard, you will need to have your pool noted on the Swimming Pool Register before 29th October 2013 in terms of the new Swimming Pools Amendment Act of 2012.

There are some new regulations regarding the sale and lease of properties with swimming pools in terms of this amendment. Defence PoolSafe can help you by walking you through all the stages from registering your pool to getting you final pool safety compliance certificate.

If you are Selling a Property that has a Pool

From the end of April of 2014, if you wish to sell a property with a swimming pool, you will have to have the following attached to the Contract of Sale:

1) A valid certificate of compliance. (Remember that these certificates are valid for a three-year period so make sure that your Certificate of Compliance is still valid.)

2) An occupation certificate that has been issued within a three-year period that allows the swimming pool to be used and that there is evidence that the pool has been registered on the Swimming Pool Register.

Should you not attach the documents listed above, the purchaser has the right to back out of the sale any time within two weeks after being given the Contract of Sale.

Leasing out a Property that has a Pool

From April of 2014, if you are leasing out a property that has a swimming pool, you must have either a valid Certificate of Compliance or an Occupation Certificate that is not older than three years and proof of the registration of the pool. This must be in place when the Residential Tenancy Agreement begins and the tenant must receive a copy of whichever certificate is applicable.

Getting your Compliance Certificate

Defence PoolSafe are able to conduct expert pool safety inspections quickly and efficiently. They will work with you to make sure that your pool is, in fact, completely compliant from pool registration until the final phase when the compliance certificate is issued.

Should the inspectors find that your pool is not compliant, they will issue you with a thorough report on where it falls short of the safety requirements and give advice on how to bring the pool up to scratch.

They are able to recommend professionals who will be able to bring your pool fences, et cetera, up to a compliant standard.

For more information, go to http://www.poolinspectionsbrisbane.net.au.