The Benefits of Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming is a lot of fun as well as being a lot of responsibility and a lot of work. If you own a pool, you know just how many hours goes into cleaning and testing the waters, as well as the amount of money you spend on chemicals to keep the PH levels balanced. Using swimming pool covers can actually make a lot of difference to the amount spent on chemicals and how much cleaning you have to do. When the pool is not in use, especially in winter months, it pays to keep it covered. This in turn helps to lower the running costs of your pool.

Having a swimming pool cover can help save the life of a young one or a pet from accidental drowning but must not replace other safety features such as fencing and a safety gate which can stop entry into the area without parental supervision. Pool inspections in Brisbane are also a must to ensure your pool complies with the new pool safety regulations.

There a many benefits to having a swimming pool cover installed such as:

  • Saving up to 70% on operating costs by reducing the need for heating equipment.
  • Lowers the need for extra water, which can be evaporated by the suns heat. Up to 10,000 litres or more of water can be lost per day.
  • Lowering the need for treatment chemicals.
  • Lowering the time spent cleaning out leaves and bugs among other things.

Swimming pools covers help to reduce the amount of money you would normally have to spend on keeping your pool crystal clean and sparkling. A swimming pool cover will save you money on chemicals, water and electricity bills. They are a great way to just be able to wind back and dive in for a swim.

A pool cover is a sensible investment for any pool owner. Another sensible investment is having your pool inspected by a professional. This is necessary in order to obtain a pool safety certificate, only then can you pool be registered with the Pool Safety Register. If your pool is not in compliance with the new pool safety regulations then your have three months from the inspection to get your pool into compliance. With the amount of accidental drownings involving young children, these steps have become necessary to protect our little ones from harm.

If you are a pool owner, then take the time to have an inspection done, obtain a pool safety certificate and get your pool on the Pool Safety Register and install a swimming pool cover to lower the costs of chemicals, lower the time spent cleaning and give yourself more time to enjoy swimming.