What are Pool Safety Certifications

When you enter into a lease contract for a property with a pool, it is important to ensure that a pool safety inspection has been obtained. These inspections are obtained from a licensed pool safety inspector. The pool safety certificate is given out after making complete pool inspections in Brisbane from a licensed pool inspection company. Sometimes certain repairs and adjustments are needed for the pool. This service is offered by a number of companies each one offering a different quality of service and different price. In many cases, having a pool safety inspection conducted by a company that also specialises in building and pest inspections is ideal as it may also highlight other areas of concern.

In case the property with a pool is being sold, the seller must provide the buyer with a pool safety certificate prior to the settlement of the property deal. If the seller is unable to provide this at that time, then a Notice of no pool safety certificate needs to be issued by the seller before settlement. According to this arrangement, the buyer is given a period of 90 days from settlement during which pool safety certificate can be obtained from a licensed pool safety inspector. In this case, the buyer is liable to pay for any costs that are associated with getting the compliant certificate. All this will be done according to the terms and conditions of the contract.

For newly constructed pools, a separate pool safety certificate is not required. The same certificate can be used that was obtained during final inspection. This is issued by the building certifier. For shared pools, the validity of this certificate is one year and for non-shared pools, it is two years from the date of issue. However, this certificate can only become a replacement of the pool safety certificate if it has been issued according to the latest pool safety standards.

Pool safety certificate can only be obtained from a licensed pool safety inspector. You should check their license before appointing them for the inspection. Once you have obtained the pool safety certificate for a shared pool, you need to display it in a prominent place. In case of non-shared pools, there is no such requirement for displaying the certificate anywhere.

When obtaining a pool safety certificate, pool inspections are carried out. If the pool condition is found to be unsatisfactory during this inspection, a pool safety nonconformity notice is issued. The pool owner needs to carry out the required repairs after this. For this, there is a three-month time period awarded. After this, re-inspections are made to obtain the pool safety certificate. Non-compliance with the rules may result in huge penalties.

Pool safety certificate is an essential and mandatory requirement for the pool owner. It has to be obtained after having pool inspections done by licensed