Time to Sell? What about the Pool?

So you’ve decided it’s time to see your home. Selling a house can be challenging at the best of times, but if your house has a pool then there are of course extra considerations. Complying with pool safety regulations is the home owners responsibility, and regular inspections are crucial in making sure your pool complies with the current Australian Standards. All pools and spas are required to meet with the specific safety requirements set by Australian Standard 1926.1 and the Building Code of Australia. This applies irrespective of when the pool or spa was built or installed.

Of course the most prominent reason for complying with pool safety regulations is to prevent drownings of young children. In 1991 the first pool safety laws came into effect and the incidence of child drownings dropped significantly after this. Laws change periodically, so it is best to call in the professionals once you’ve decided to sell. When arranging pool inspections Brisbane has professional companies that make it their business to be up to date with the laws, specifications and regulations governing pool safety. They can then provide you with peace of mind that your pool’s safety measures tick all the required boxes.

Registered inspectors can take the guesswork out of making sure your pool is up to standard in terms of safety. Fences and gates need to prevent access to both the pool and surrounding areas. Any windows or doors that open out into the pool area must also be considered and secured to ensure the highest level of safety is maintained. Once you have decided to sell, it is essential to acquire a pool safety certificate. Home owners are required to supply a certificate prior to settlement date. The only alternative is to issue a “notice of no pool safety certificate” or form 36 which can be found online.

Pool laws have been brought into being in order to protect our children. A pool is like a magnet to a young child, and no one ever wants to be faced with the tragic event of a child drowning. Complying to the regulations governing pool safety gives peace of mind to both parties when entering a contract for sale of your home. Call in the experts and let them take the worry out of obtaining a valid certificate. Once you’ve decided to sell have a registered inspector check over your pool, correct any flaws and once you have your certificate selling your home should be a smoother speedier process.