Teaching Babies to Swim-How Important is it?

Children are the future of this great country, therefore it is important to protect them from any form of harm. This includes safety in the pool. Statistic’s show that a high percentage of accidental death in young children is by drowning. So what steps need to be taken to stop the increase in young children drowning? The first thing, which can be started from birth is swimming lessons. Other steps such as inspections and maintenance on your pool fence is another important step in the road to pool safety.

There are new pool safety regulations which came into effect in on the 1st of December, 2010. Having regular pool inspections in Brisbane carried out will go a long way towards making sure you are in compliance with the new regulations. It will also ensure that your pool fence and surrounding area is 100% safe for your children. By 2015, all homes with a pool on the premises must be in compliance.

Pool safety is important to everyone and swimming lessons should be a top priority for our children. Finding the right swimming instructor for your child is important. This instructor must be experienced to teach your children. Correct swimming techniques, a clean and well-equipped premises are desirable, a friendly, approachable attitude and a genuine willingness to help is also a desirable trait in a swimming instructor.

A few tips for getting your baby used to the water:

Gently introduce the water over the babies face, as the child becomes more comfortable, the volume of water can be increased.

Never fully submerge a child without properly trained supervision.

Never dangle a baby over a pool or water as this can lead to them being uncomfortable and feeling insecure.

These are just a few things to get your child comfortable being in the water. Add swimming lessons to their early childhood and they will learn quickly. Having your children taught to swim at an early age could save a life as well as teaching them safe swimming practices. Whether or not your children can swim, they should always be supervised.

Your pool and pool fencing should also be in compliance with the new pool safety regulations. You should obtain a pool safety certificate. You can do this by hiring a pool inspections professional who will issue you with one if your pool is in compliance and they will also be able to register your pool for you. If your pool does not meet with the new pool safety regulations, then you will have 3 months to make the necessary repairs.

To keep children safe from drowning, hire a professional pool inspector and get your child or children taught how to swim.