Go Green with your Pool Plants

Decorating your pool area need not be a difficult or time-consuming job, it just depends what look you are going for overall. It is obviously better to have the area directly surrounding the pool paved to stop dirt being trampled into the pool but you can always introduce plants to the areas bordering the paving or, if this is not possible, introduce plants in pots.

What Type of Plants to Buy?

This is largely going to depend on where you actually stay but you do need to look at plants that are hardier. The plants should be perennials to keep the area green all year round. They should also be plants that can handle humidity, heat and a fair amount of light. Remember that the pool water itself will create a lot of humidity on hot days and that the pacing reflects a lot of heat and light. Pool safety should also be considered - spiky plants should not be put somewhere where someone might slip and fall onto them.

Caring for Pot Plants

We often have the entire pool area paved and, as a result, have no option but to get pot plants. Look for plants that naturally like a higher level of humidity and that like to be potted. Palms are always a great option for around the pool and can lend a tropical feel to the area. You need to be aware that potted plants tend to dry out more quickly and so should be prepared to do more maintenance than you would in a garden. You will also need to re-pot the plants every few years or so and will have to look at feeding them at least once a month.

Green or Floral

Again, the choice you make here largely depends on the overall look that you are going for. If you are going to buy plants for their flowers, make sure that they flower in summer when you are going to be using your pool area the most. Look for plants that have a heady scent so that you really feel as though you are in a tropical paradise when you are by your pool. Any plant that you buy should have green leaves all year round so that you have some colour around the pool even in winter.

Group the Pots

A very effective way of making a statement display is to group the pots together. You could use three different pots of varying sizes with various plants in, for example, to create a beautiful visual. Just make sure that, when you group them, you keep the guidelines for pool safety inspections in mind.

Overall, greening up your pool area is very simple – if you are unsure of what plants to use, check with your local nursery.