Pool in Holiday Accomodation

If you are operating a hotel, motel, inn or any other holiday accommodation, then you know the value that a swimming pool adds to your facility. Tourists and vacationers are more likely to favour booking accommodation with this attractive amenity.

Before completing the pool for your guests, it is important to check the requirements first to make sure that the amenity is in full compliance with the new set of standards being enforced by authorities.

Complying with Pool Safety Standards

The government is enforcing stricter guidelines to cover swimming pools in Queensland. For your accommodation facility to fully comply with the revised standards, it is essential to seek the help of a reliable pool safety inspections specialist. Defence PoolSafe can provide you with everything you will need to help you get that pool safety certificate.

The company will be there from beginning to end, providing you with a checklist to get you ready for inspection. The company will also do the registration of the pool for you and will conduct a thorough check of the pool to ensure that it meets the set standards. You will receive a compliance certificate if everything is in order. If not, you will get a non-compliance certificate and a detailed report covering the problem areas that need to be addressed. Defence PoolSafe will help you obtain full compliance and if there is a need for a licensed contractor, the company can refer one. To find out more about the company’s services, visit their website at www.poolinspectionsbrisbane.net.au.

Importance of Compliance

The more stringent safety standards are not there to make it more difficult for pool owners. The guidelines have been revised to address the need for safer pools for users, particularly children. The government has seen an increase in the number of accidents in pools, leading the authorities to come up with improved guidelines.

Changes in the standards include construction of fences and barriers around the pool, although there may be exemptions to this rule. Other areas that need to be checked include retaining walls, safety of pavement materials, balconies and windows. Another big issue would be trees near the pool that could be unsafe for children using the pool.

It is important that you comply with pool safety standards in order to fully operate the pool in your holiday accommodation. This not only increases the value of your facility, but it also keeps your guests safer and it gives them a sense of security knowing that their children will be safe when playing around the pool area.