Compliance is Simple

The previous pool safety regulations led to a decrease in the number of small kiddies drowning in pools by half. The new pool safety regulations aim to completely eradicate that completely. The regulations actually make it very simple to ensure that your pool is safe. Even if you do not have kiddies, a non-compliant pool would make it impossible to sell your house. Getting your house onto the Pool Safety Register and making sure it is compliant can be done in four simple steps.

1) The first step would be to get hold of the pool safety compliance checklist. Go online and run a Google search. Try using specific search terms like Pool inspections Brisbane to narrow down the options. You should be able to download it from the website of any reputable pool safety firm. Any Pre-Inspection list should be easy to get from the firm. If a firm will not provide a checklist and insist on doing an inspection straight away instead, should be avoided. Keep in mind, that should you allow them to come along and they find problems, you will have to have the same company to do the follow up inspection.

2) Read through the checklist carefully and then go along to your pool. Are there areas that are not compliant? Are these simple fixes that you can do yourself or are you going to need an expert?

3) Fix the problems, or call in someone who can. If, for example, a latch needs replacing, doing it yourself is fine. If, however, it is something more complex like re-fencing the area, call in a professional.

4) Book a professional pool inspection. Again, make sure you use a reputable company.

In order to get a pool safety certificate you are going to have to make sure that everything complies with the guidelines laid out in the compliance checklist. The pool safety inspector will be rattling gates, checking entrances to the pool area and testing fences. If he/ she is not satisfied, he/ she will make recommendations and you will have to have a second safety inspection done.

The regulations may seem a little bit extreme at times but when you consider that the leading cause of deaths for kids aged one to four in Queensland is drowning, they make more sense. Kiddies are clever little mites and can, when they want to, find a way around just about any obstacle. Make sure your pool is safe today.