Getting a Pest Inspection Before you Move In

When it comes to an actual pest problem in your house, it is best to deal with it when the house is as empty as possible. If you have bought a new house and want it fumigated, you should do this before you actually move your furniture in. Let’s face it, pest control measures are much more effective when the critters have fewer spots to hide.

Although a professional termite control company in Brisbane will endeavour to make sure that they get the toxin into every nook and cranny, this will be made a lot easier if there is no furniture in the way. At the very least, the whole process will go a lot faster if no one has to shift furniture around - your pest control company will thank you.

From a personal point of view, it means a lot less cleaning up to have the house empty when you are having it sprayed. You need to bear in mind that you will generally have to wash any dishes, etc. after the house has been sprayed for pests to remove any lingering poison. If you do not, trace amounts can remain on your cutlery and crockery and be ingested when you eat or drink anything. If you are not keen on washing dishes, have the house sprayed before you move all your dishes in.

Clean-up after the fact is also a lot easier in an empty house. An empty house usually means running a vacuum or broom around the house quickly. If your furniture is in place, you are probably going to have to look at washing any removable covers, etc. and will have to vacuum the furniture as well as the floor. This can really be a nuisance, especially if you are in a big hurry.

Of course, aside from any ancillary benefit when it comes to the clean-up, having the pest control treatment in Brisbane conducted in an empty house means that the treatment itself is a lot more likely to be 100% effective. This can go a long way to reassure the new homeowner that their family will be safe when they move in.

There is nothing worse than moving into a new home and having to deal with insect bites or actual insects scuttling back and forth across the floor. Although we know intellectually that most insects are pretty harmless, there is something about them that tend to make most people’s skin crawl.