Making your Pool Safe

Over the past few years in Australia, pool safety has been a hot topic. Recent changes to legislation have meant that pool safety has become both a personal and legal issue. The reason for the new laws is simply to protect small children from drowning and the initial results are quite encouraging. Getting a pool safety certificate has become about more than simply complying with a law though, it is about keeping your family safe.

Defence Pool Safe understands how important it is for you to keep your family safe and also that the new pool safety regulations can be quite confusing at times. It is difficult for the layman to keep completely up to date with all the basics of the regulations. Defence Pool Safe has made it their business to become fully conversant with the regulations in order to be able to give you the best possible advice.

They are there to assist you in making sure that your pool is compliant and can also issue the requisite certificate for you once it is. They make the process as simple as possible for you – initially providing you with a simple checklist that you can go through before the inspector comes out.

The company will then assist you by registering your pool and, when you are ready, will send out a pool inspector to check on how compliant your pool actually is. Basically this entails making sure that your pool is properly fenced, that fences are high enough and sturdy enough and that all gates fasten securely. In addition, the law requires that you have signs depicting how to apply CPR placed in a prominent position.

The Defence Pool Safe inspector will check that all requirements are met and give you a full report on any deficiencies. Defence Pool Safe’s inspectors will give a fair and honest appraisal – we do not affect any repairs ourselves so we are completely unbiased. Should you want us to, we can refer you to qualified contractors that can help you to get your pool area up to code. Once the pool area is up to code, we will issue you with a certificate for your records.

Although it may seem to be a bit of a pain to have to get a pool compliance certificate, it is more of a pain not to have one – not only could you be chancing a fine, but you won’t be able to sell your place if the pool isn’t compliant. The trick is going through a company that makes life easy for you – just a few steps and you’re compliant.