The Importance of Pool Safety Certificates in Sales

We all know why the new pool safety laws were put into place they do make it a little tougher on estate agents. In essence the pool safety laws have a simple purpose – make pools safer, but it can be tough to establish whether or not a pool is compliant and this can direct impact on your sales. The last thing you need is for a sale to fall through because you do not have the requisite pool compliance certificate.

As an estate agent, you are bound to deal with rental properties and these also need to have the requisite certification. In addition, the properties will have to be recertified every two years as the certificate expires. With so many other things that an estate agent needs to take care of, it is nice to know that, when it comes to pool compliance, there is a professional company that will take care of everything for you – Defence Pool Safe.

From the initial pool inspection, right through to any re-inspections and to certification, Defence Pool Safe is there for you, minimising the hassle as regards pool compliance. Not only will we do the initial inspection, we keep any certificates that we have issued on record and will send out timely reminders a few months before these expire making this one less thing that you will have to worry about.

Chris has been in the estate agent’s game for 30 years now and was initially concerned that the inspection company would come up with a list of problems in order to drum up business for themselves. He chose Defence Pool Safe specifically because they concentrate on the certification and do not do the repairs themselves. There is thus nothing in it for them if the pool needs repairs. Chris found that some minor work was needed and he was impressed with how quickly the report was sent to him and how detailed it was – there’s no need for him to know all the ins and outs of pool compliance. The contractor recommended was top notch and overall, the process was painless.

Sarah had been considering putting her house on the market and decided to get Defence Pool Safe in because of their excellent reputation. She was amazed at how quick and easy it was to get her pool certified – she’s envisaged miles of red tape and tons of forms. She felt that going through Defence Pool Safe  was the smartest move she could have made.

There really is no reason that the new laws regarding pool certification should put too much more pressure on you as an estate agent or on your clients. With experts like Defence Pool Safe around, there is not even really any need to study the new laws intently – if you are unsure of whether or not the pool is compliant, just give them a call. Their aim is in line with the government’s aim of reducing or, with any luck, completely eliminating drowning deaths in children less than 5 years of age.