Five Steps to Pool Safety

Pool safety is an issue that is not going away any time soon. Getting your pool compliance certificate is now a matter of law – let Defence PoolSafe help you get your compliance certificate today.

Defence PoolSafe makes getting your compliance certificate easy though five simple steps.

Completing the Checklist

To begin, go to and download their helpful checklist. Do a thorough walk through with the checklist in hand before you call in the inspector to make sure that your pool is ready for inspection.

Pool Registration

Every pool needs to be registered in terms of the new regulations – this means having the pool listed in the official pool safety register.

The Actual Inspection

Make an appointment for the inspector to come out and take a look at the pool. The inspector will thoroughly inspect the pool and make sure that it is completely compliant in terms of safety.

They inspect the pool itself, the pool area, the fences and the areas surrounding the pool to ensure that these all comply with the safety regulations. (This means making sure that the pool is properly secure and safe.)

Should the pool be compliant, you can expect to get your certificate of compliance during the course of the next two working days.

Non-Compliance Reports

Should your pool not meet the basic compliance requirements, you will receive a non-compliance certificate and a thorough report explaining where the pool, et cetera, failed in terms of safety. From the date of receipt of this certificate and report, you have three months in order to bring your pool up to code.

Working Through Compliance

The company will work with you step by step until your pool is completely compliant. They will advise you on how to go about making the pool compliant. They can recommend licensed professionals who can assist you in this matter

The main thing to remember is that pool compliance is about making your pool safe for you and your family – the statistics speak for themselves; drowning deaths in children under the age of five have dramatically decreased since the regulations were put in place.

Even if you do not have small children yourself, you need to make sure that your pool is safe for young visitors. A non-compliant pool can also negatively impact on the value of your property and you may be liable for fines if found out.

Pool inspections matter – get yours done straight away.