Equip Children for Life

Summer and swimming are two words that definitely go hand in hand – the vast majority of us love to cool off in the pool after a hot summer’s day. The scary news though, is that, according to official statistics, 315 people drowned this last year alone. A number of those people drowned because they were simply unable to swim.

Teaching your kids to swim from an early age is a great way to ensure that they do not become a statistic.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are available for kiddies of just about all ages. If you have a swimming pool, you should start your children's swimming lessons as quickly as possible. Although you may be tempted to teach them yourselves, there is a great deal of benefit that can be derived from sending children to proper swimming lessons.

Not only will they probably learn to swim faster, but they will also learn to have a healthy respect for the dangers inherent in swimming. They will also be taught how to get themselves and others out of difficulty. That, coupled with a valid pool safety certificate, will ensure that your pool is safer for your family.

Not just if you have a Pool

Even if you don’t have a pool, it is important to get your children to go to swimming lessons. Of the drowning victims mentioned earlier, the vast majority drowned away from formal swimming pools – some drowned in creeks, some were washed away, etc. The point is that not having a swimming pool is no guarantee that your children will be safe from drowning. It is best to prepare them in case they get into difficulty in the water.

Great Exercise

Swimming lessons are not just good for your toddlers' safety but also for their health. Swimming is a great exercise for those wanting to keep fit and is ideal for the heat of summer. Swimming is also a great sport in which children can become involved.

Safety First

You also need to instil a safety-first attitude in your children - make sure that they understand the possible dangers involved in rough-housing around the pool. They should be taught how to play safely in and out of the water.

It is a good idea to have an adult to supervise children at the pool so that they don’t get themselves into trouble. It may be a bit of an inconvenience but, at the end of the day, the safety of your young family in your pool should be a top priority. Drowning can happen in a matter of minutes. It’s better safe than sorry. Click here for further information.