Have Your Kids Swimming Like Fish

During these colder months, swimming may be the furthest thing from you mind. In reality though, now is the perfect time to book your children in for swimming lessons. Most swim schools offer heated pools for lessons, so don’t let the chill of winter put you off. Booking in now means, by the swimming season, they could be swimming like fish. At the very least they will have been introduced to basic water awareness and safety skills. Summer will be upon us before we know it, so why not be ready for it with kids that know how to be safe around pools and other bodies of water.

Often when people think of swimming lessons, babies and toddlers come to mind. But older, school aged children who’ve not learnt to swim are also at risk of drowning or drowning related injuries. In some cases the risk may be higher. Older children are often invited to pool parties at friends’ houses. The pool may have passed pool inspections in Brisbane, but it is sometimes taken for granted that school age children can swim. This could mean that the supervision provided may be less for this age group, than for a group of toddlers & babies. Even learning basic water safety awareness can lessen the risk for children of any age.

Ensuring a pool has a pool safety certificate is a great way of preventing the accidental drowning of children, particularly younger children that may wander into the pool area. In the summer months though, one of the favourite places to socialise is around the pool. It is important that children learn how to swim, and are fully aware of how to be safe around water. Poolside barbecues will be so much more enjoyable when knowing that your children have basic swimming skills. Although proper supervision is always essential, there is no denying that swimming lessons play an important part in keeping children safe around water in the summer months.

Find a reputable swim school and enrol now to be ready for the summer months. Heated, indoor pools are provided for the very purpose of swimming lessons during the cooler months. The skills your child learns will last them a lifetime, and may just be the thing to save their life, or perhaps even the life of another child as a result of safety skills taught during lessons. Don’t wait for summer! Have your children swimming like fish, by booking them in for lessons now! Then you can make the most of summer having lazy days around the pool!