Checklist for Pool Inspections

When it comes to pool compliance, many of us still have a fair amount of work to do to get our pools in good condition. Reading through the new safety regulations can be time consuming so it is a good idea to have professional pool inspections conducted in order to get advice on getting your pool up to standard.

Here are the basic things that you will need to check:

The Gates

The gate needs to be at least 1,2m tall and must be able to self-close and latch. The latches should be secure and at least 1,5m off the ground. It should not be possible to push the gate open without unlatching it.

There should be no more than a 100mm space between the bottom of the gate and the ground. The gate must be able to swing open fully and should open away from the swimming pool. Horizontal bars should be more than 900mm apart or not be climbable.

The Hinges

If the hinges have a diameter of more than 10mm, and are closer than 900mm apart, they need to have a safety cap on the lower hinge. They also need to be non-climbable.

The Fence

The fence must be 1,2m or higher and the space between the ground and the fence should be less than 100mm. The fence must not be climbable – horizontal bars should not be closer than 900mm together.

The area directly adjacent to the fence should be reasonably flat and free of climbable surfaces so as not to effectively reduce the height of the fence in any areas.

It should not be possible for small children to squeeze through the vertical bars of a fence. The bars must be secured at both the top and bottom rails and all sharp edges should be smoothed. The fence should be able to withstand a reasonable amount of pressure.

There needs to be a clear zone around the outside of the fence of at least 1,2m and on the inside of the fence of at least 300mm.

Resuscitation Signs

These should be placed in a prominent position and should be durable. They need to show resuscitation procedures for small kids and babies as well.

General Considerations

No doors or windows should directly access the pool. Any windows that do provide access to the pool need to be shielded.

All components of the fence, gates, etcetera, should be in good working order and in good condition.

You would need to make sure that there are no trees around the pool area that allow children to gain access to the pool area.

Do a basic check of these things and then call in a professional to do a proper inspection.