Why Pool Safety Inspections Should be at the Top of Every Parent’s To-Do List

A country as new and diverse as Australia may not have as many traditional holidays as other countries, but we certainly do it up right! Between the picnics at the beach, the barbeques at the park or the huge pool parties we throw at our friends and families houses, there’s no lacking for fun on Australia Day. With these festivities in mind, however, it’s important to note that pool safety inspections could be the difference between celebrating our heritage and history in bacchanalian style by the barbeque, or doing so soberly in the hospital’s waiting room.

There’s no doubt that pool parties are the absolute ultimate in celebrating on a hot day; from mingling by the poolside with drink in hand to diving into the crisp, clear water, there’s simply more fun to be had at a rip-roaring pool party. Even our kids get into the excitement, chasing each other around the pool, having diving competitions from off the edge of the pool, or even just playing a good game of Marco Polo. But if we don’t take the time to have pool safety inspections performed yearly, the hilarity can turn to tragedy in an instant.

We love our children, and we don’t want to see them hurt. But let’s face it, when there’s a bunch of family around, it’s often hard to keep track of where our darlings are at any given point, unless of course we’re following them around the whole party. And they just won’t let us do that, right? And then Uncle Sandy or Jimmy from interstate grabs your attention, and probably your arm, to try and convince you to finally pitch that game of horseshoes. It is always better to know that when you turn your back on that pool, and that child, that there is absolutely nothing to worry about, thanks to pool safety inspections in Brisbane.

It may seem like a waste of time, energy or money. After all, if you’ve had a pool safety inspection performed year after year, all with no problems, then why continue? The simple fact is that something could be wrong with your pool and have gone undetected all winter season. Without having that inspection performed routinely, you could potentially be placing yourself, your children and your friends in danger. From diving boards to gates, windows to railings, a checklist is used to ensure that any possible problem area is thoroughly inspected for safety compliance. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to get your pool safety inspection performed before your next big barbeque.