What Sort of Pool Fencing Should You Use

Pool fencing is an important part of owning a pool and by law you must have your pool properly fenced. New pool safety regulations came in on December 1st, 2010 and it is important that you are in compliance with these new regulations otherwise you could face large fines. There are many different types of fences you could use to fence your pool, some of them even look decorative and fit in with whatever theme you have surrounding your pool, the important thing is to make sure they comply with the new safety regulations and are in good working order.

Having a pool inspections professional in Brisbane come out to inspect your pool will give you an idea as to whether or not your pool fencing meets the criteria or whether you will have to replace it with new fencing. If your pool fencing does not comply then the pool owner has 90 days to organise a re-inspection.

When choosing pool fencing you have to make sure if meets with the Australian safety standards. Choosing the right fencing goes a long way towards meeting the new compliance laws and lowering the chance of accidental drowning incidents. These new pool safety regulations were brought in to help prevent and lower the rate of drowning accidents in young children. There has been way to many accidents involving young children and ensuring safety, especially around pools is a responsibility that falls to all of us.

The different types of pool fencing you could use are tubular fencing, glass fencing, brush fencing, brick fencing, timber fencing or colourbond fencing. Depending on the area surrounding your pool, all of these different types of fencing can be used in different settings and blend in with your surrounding gardens and home decor making for gorgeous, safe surroundings. Knowing that the pool fencing is in compliance will give you peace of mind knowing that you can just relax and enjoy your pool.

So when it comes to being a pool owner, be a responsible one and do the right thing. Make sure your pool complies with the new regulations and keep young children from coming to harm.