Tips on Keeping Your Pool Safe

Having a pool is something most of us would see as a positive. They are great fun, give the kids some fun in warmer months and are a great place to entertain friends. What better place to BBQ on a warm summers night than around the pool? There is a more serious side to owning a pool however, and that is making sure your pool and surrounds meet with safety regulations. Drowning, sadly, is still one of the leading causes of death for children aged between one and four years of age. So how do you ensure your pool safety is up to scratch?

Firstly look at your barrier surrounding the pool. To comply with current regulations the barrier must be a minimum of 1200mm above ground level. Any garden beds which have been established around the pool area can reduce this level. If necessary reduce the level of the ground or garden beds near the pool barrier. Ensure there are no footholds near or around the barrier that could give a child enough lift to get over the barrier. Even a simple pot plant could be just the height a child needs to scale the fence into the pool area. Keep the area clear of climbing objects. Having pool inspections expert in Brisbane check your pool area can alert you to where improvements may be needed.

Cut back any branches or shrubs within 900mm of the that are below the top level of the pool barrier. Check the neighbours for any possible accessibility issues and work together to resolve these. Any footholds that cannot be removed such as taps, deck bracing or fence railings should be covered with a non-climbable material or by an angled shield of 60 degrees or more. All gates should be fitted so as to open outward from the pool area and should be self closing with a striker latch or other secure locking mechanism. Ensure hinges are adjusted correctly to ensure the gate closes swiftly without bouncing open again.
Making sure of these things will make sure you are able to obtain a pool safety certificate.

Finally if any windows open out into the pool area, they must be secured by security screening. If this is not possible place a rivet or screw or permanent chock in the window tracking to prevent the window opening any more than 100mm. It may be useful to take a stroll around the pool area and look at it, as if through the eyes of a child. You may be surprised at what you see. Taking steps to secure your pool area will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your pool and keep the little ones safely on the outside of the pool barrier.