Salt Water or Chlorine


As a society in general we are moving more towards an understanding that a greener way of life is not only kinder to the environment but also kinder to ourselves in general. One area of our homes that uses a lot of chemicals is our swimming pools. Whether you still give them the daily dose with chlorine or chuck in a couple of tablets once a week, that is quite a lot of nasty chemicals making their way into the water that your family swims in. All of us have had at least one experience in a pool where there was too much chlorine – you come out with your eyes burning and your skin feeling very uncomfortably tight on your body.

That’s not counting all the regular checks that you need to do to keep checking the pool’s pH balance and to get rid of dead leaves, etc. – certainly not great for the old back. Let’s face it, pool maintenance in general is a real pain in the neck. It is also quite expensive – those chemicals cost a bomb and it’s not like you can skip a month or two when money gets a bit tight. Just leave your pool for a week during summer and it will start to turn a very pretty shade of green. The cost can be quite damaging to your health as well – it’s one more thing on your list of bills to stress about.

That’s why a salt water pool can earn a lot of brownie points when it comes to making you a healthier, happier you. There is an initial cost involved in setting up the salt water pool but, once this is done, you only need to toss in a few kilos of salt every year. The salt naturally retards the growth of algae and sanitizes the water without the need for any other chemicals to be added. This means that those weekly pH testing sessions are over.

Salt is also obviously a lot healthier for your family to come into contact with than chlorine and pool acid and, although it can be overdone, it is a lot more difficult to get the levels wrong. Salt is also a naturally occurring chemical so you can rest assured that you are doing your bit for the environment with your salt water pool. So the benefits of salt water pool combined with a safe environment allow you and your family to enjoy this great addition to your home without the worry of health risks.

All in all, using salt instead of chlorine, etc. may cost a bit more to set up but the savings in terms of a dollar amount will be recouped in less than two years. The savings in terms of family health if you are not adding harsh chemicals to the pool will be seen immediately.