Keeping Your Pool Clean

Pools are a lot of fun to own and are often the centre of family fun and entertainment, especially through summer. But they can also be a lot of work to keep clean and lets face it, who has time these days to spend hours cleaning the pool and scooping out leaves to make sure the pool stays in pristine condition. Not to mention the chemicals that are needed to keep it in pristine condition. Then there is testing for the water to ensure that the right amount of chemicals are added. It can be a big job to do, especially for one person.

The other thing that is of concern is the new laws governing pool safety. These new regulations require a qualified pool inspections professional in Brisbane to inspect your pool to ensure that it is in line with these new regulations. If your pool does not meet these guidelines then you will have three months in which to correct the problem. Once that is taken care of you will be registered with the pool safety register and issued a certificate of compliance.

With cleaning your pool, there are two ways you can go about this, you can either clean it yourself or have a professional pool cleaner come in once a week to take care of this for you. There is one thing that will help with lowering the amount of chemicals needed for a pool and lower the time needed to clean out leaves and debris from the pool and that is a pool blanket which covers your pool and lowers the chance of debris ending up in your pool.

Depending on the condition of your pool and the colour of the water, you can also lower the amount of chemicals needed to keep you pool clean and crystal clear by using a pool blanket which also reduces the evaporation of the water in the pool. If you pool is looking green then you need to use a chlorine shock treatment to bring it back to that pristine, sparkling water. If you take a sample of the pool water into your local pool shop, they can test the water to find out which is the best solution for your pool and then put together the correct amount of chemicals that you require for bringing your pool water back to an acceptable level.

If you own a pool, then you need to make sure it is kept clean, otherwise it could end up making your sick and you also need to have your pool inspected to obtain a pool safety certificate in order to be registered with the pool safety register.