Is Your Pool Registered? Time is Running Out!

Tick tock, tick tock. New pool safety regulations have been introduced recently in Qld. These regulations have been introduced in an effort to reduce child drownings, a leading cause of death in children aged 1 - 5 years. Stage one, which related to new residential pools was introduced on December 1st of 2009. Stage 2 commenced on December 1st of 2010 and encompasses mostly existing swimming pools. All Queensland pools need to be registered on the new pool safety register by November 4th 2011. Fines apply and can be up to $2000 for pool owners who haven’t registered, so it’s in your best interests to act quickly!

New laws apply to fencing, depth of pools requiring fencing, types of latches and self closing gates. Any pool, including portable, wading type pools, that can be filled to a depth of 300mm or more require safety pool fencing. Fencing needs to be 1200mm high from bottom to top, and be kept clear of any foot holds or items that could allow a child to climb up over the fence. Gates need to be self closing with a reliable locking mechanism. These should also open outward, away from the pool area. A company that is licensed to do pool inspections in Brisbane can ensure your pool meets the current safety standards.

For a reasonable fee, a licensed pool inspector can come to your home and advise you whether your pool safety measures up. If not, you will be issued with a certificate of non compliance and will have three months from the date of inspection to make any necessary modifications or repairs. The inspector will then re-visit you and inspect the pool area again to ensure all the required safety measures have been met. The pool inspection company will assist you meet compliance needs, and can refer you to a licensed builder if necessary. Once all the safety boxes have been ticked you will be issued with a pool safety certificate.

Sometimes all it takes is a few minor repairs or adjustments. Owning a pool comes with a great deal of responsibility and the government has taken these measures to ensure that all pool owners are taking responsibility for the safety of young children. So if you haven’t registered your pool, now is the time to act! Time is running out, so to avoid a hefty fine, call a licensed company to inspect your pool and have it registered on the pool safety register before November 4th 2011. Not only may it save you money, but it could also save the life of a small child. Go on, do it now!