Inspection Process

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Defence PoolSafe employs a simple process to help you obtain that all-important compliance certificate for your pool. Study these simple steps carefully for a better streamlined process for pool safety inspection.


Step One: Checklist

Get your pool ready for inspection. Defence PoolSafe will provide you with a helpful checklist of things you need to do to prepare the area for inspection. Carefully double-check the important steps involved. The following steps should give you a good idea of the entire process.

Step Two: Pool Registration

For your convenience, Defence PoolSafe will register the pool for you. This is an integral part of the compliance process. The pool has to be listed in the official pool safety register as required by the Queensland safety compliance regulations effective 1 December 2010.

Step Three: Pool Inspection

Defence PoolSafe will perform a thorough inspection and assessment of the pool, particularly checking the fences and gates to make sure they meet safety standards. We will also check other related areas in the pool area, such as the trees, retaining walls, panels, pavement, balcony and windows. If everything is found to be in accordance with prevailing safety guidelines, we will issue a certificate of compliance within two business days.

Step Four: Non-Compliance Reports

If upon inspection and assessment, the pool is found to have failed the compliance evaluation, a non-compliance certificate is issued. Defence PoolSafe will provide you with a complete report detailing the different issues that were found. Upon receipt of the non-compliance certificate and the detailed report, you will have three months to rectify the mistakes found.

Step Five: Working Through Compliance

We will work with you through the end until you obtain that pool compliance certificate. We can guide and advise you on how to proceed with the renovation process. If needed, Defence PoolSafe can also recommend licensed pool builders and contractors to help you finish the pool renovation and meet pool safety compliance.